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Have you been struggling to take your brand to the world? It is very simple to know your clientele base. At we have created a wide database of global listenning-ship and through our radio we invite DJs from Africa to showcase their talents and that makes us a leading digital radio station as many people love to listen to various African dance music from House music, Afro Beat, Rumba,


…etc. Putting adverts of your business to our radio station can boost your clientele and trust as our listeners believe in us and our relationship to every listener is to deliver the best production every day 24/7. Take advantage of our advertising packages now and get your business to the world. We cover 193 countries worldwide, and we are a 24-hour broadcasting radio service provider. Contact

How Can My Mix Tape Be Played In Afri Fm?
Genres from Afro Beat, Afro House, Amapiano,Kwaito, Maskandi, Rhumba, Dombolo, Zezuru, Azondo..e.t.c
Mix tape must be 60 minutes long in MP.3 FILE
All mixtapes must have African Sound Version
Make sure all songs on your playlist are properly mastered
Email your mixtape downloadable link to
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